Administration Services - Customised Admin

"Customised Admin can help with administration tasks to take the load of you"

Customised Admin can help with a range of administration tasks. Your business may have small projects that need completing to increase productivity and efficiency, however you may not have the internal resources. Or you may require some extra assistance including collating information for your Accountant.


Need help with computer processing? You have come to the right place! Customised Admin has the expertise and knowledge to help you, from preparing word documents, entering data into Microsoft Excel to designing spreadsheets. You may have the content for a presentation however, do not have the time to present it in PowerPoint. No project is too small. Services include the below, however remember if there is a task not listed please contact me and we can discuss. 

  • digital filing and organisation

  • front office presentation

  • writing organisational documentation

  • creating excel spreadsheets

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • travel planning

  • restructuring back office systems

  • meeting and conference preparation

  • word processing

  • data entry